Folding under-window kitchen mixer tap Primagran® 4700

Model name Primagran® 4700
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-70,00 €
Bateria kuchenna podokienna składana 4700 Primagran®

-70,00 €

89,99 €159,99 €

The current price is the lowest in 30 days.

The current price is the lowest in 30 days.

The current price is the lowest in 30 days.

    • Folding spout - fits under a window
    • Elegant design
    • Compact size
    • High-quality workmanship
    • High-pressure kitchen tap

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Product description

Folding under-window kitchen mixer - maximum comfort in your kitchen

The washing-up area under the window is an increasingly fashionable design solution. The light streaming in makes the washing-up area bright and illuminated, and if the kitchen window overlooks the courtyard, you can watch the children playing in the garden while you work, for example. However, it turns out that arranging such a kitchen is not always so easy. A sink under the window requires the right accessories. In order to make it easy to use and not make it difficult to open/close the window, it is necessary to install an under-window kitchen mixer tap. With the Primagran® 4700 faucet, you can achieve all this without the need for kitchen gymnastics.

Key benefits of Primagran® 4700 under-window kitchen mixer

  • ease of use, thanks to the under-window design that allows the mixer to be easily folded away
  • elegant and modern design, perfectly matching any colour of granite sinks
  • durable construction, resistant to various types of mechanical damage and discolouration
  • versatile use - the mixer tap can be installed both in the sink and directly on the worktop

Primagran® 4700 mixer tap is equipped with a folding U-shaped spout, which provides easy, problem-free access to the window sash. This solution will prove useful when cleaning the window or ventilating the room, providing maximum comfort even in a small kitchen. The folded height of the faucet is only 95 mm, which makes it possible to open the window without any problems. This model combines beautiful design with functionality - in addition, the mixer has a swivel spout, which makes it possible to effectively wash dishes and remove dirt from every nook and cranny of the sink.

We believe that the use of the highest quality materials in the manufacture of the mixer achieves faultlessness. The stainless steel body of the mixer is characterised by resistance to corrosion, and the internal head is made of ceramic, which is one of the most durable materials.

Another important element of the faucet is the aerator, which creates a soft and perfectly aerated water stream while reducing water consumption, which translates into reduced household bills.

Installing the mixers yourself is no problem, and the included instructions are a great help. When renovating and fitting a kitchen, it's important to have peace of mind that every element has been carefully considered, so we give you up to 30 days to return your purchase. The fittings are also covered by a reliability guarantee of up to 5 years.

Technical data
Faucet height:29,6 cm
Range of tap (spout):21,4 cm
Height from countertop to aerator:19,2 cm
Mounting hole:35 mm
Body:Stainless steel
Swivel spout:Yes
Maximum worktop thickness:35 mm
Connection hoses - internal thread:3/8"
Connection hoses - length:450 mm
Acoustic group:II
Flow class:A
Technical drawings
  • 4700 Primagran®
Product advantages
Matching colour and style to Primagran sinks Matching colour and style to Primagran sinks
Swivel spout Swivel spout
All necessary components for installation included All necessary components for installation included
Does not lose its colour Does not lose its colour
Ceramic cartridge Ceramic cartridge
Easy to care for Easy to care for
Resistant to corrosion Resistant to corrosion
5-year warranty 5-year warranty
Connecting rod 40 cm Connecting rod 40 cm
High-pressure mixer High-pressure mixer
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