Quality and Warranty

Features of Primagran granite sinks:

  • 35-year warranty 
  • style and class at the lowest price on the market 
  • high temperature resistance 
  • resistance to thermal shock - a drastic change in temperature 
  • scratch resistance 
  • impact resistance 
  • resistance to dirt and discoloration 
  • high-quality siphons 
  • guarantee of satisfaction and transaction security 
  • declaration of conformity with PN-EN 13310 + A1
  • hygienic certificate HŻ/C/2730/10 

Safe Package:

Based on our many years of experience, we have created a safe packaging system. It significantly reduces the risk of damage during transport. 

 We achieve the safety of the package thanks to:

  •         use of high-quality materials, 
  •         matching the packaging to a specific sink model,
  •         appropriate package markings.

Thus, we effectively minimize the risk that the product will be damaged in transit.
Concern for safety and customer satisfaction does not end with the delivery of the package. When necessary, our clients can count on reliable assistance. 

* Each product is packed in an optimal way for its structure, therefore the packaging of individual models may differ from the one shown in the photo. 

Why else is it worth choosing a Primagran granite sink?

  • modern design and aesthetics of our sinks
  • reversible sinks - drainer on the right or left side
  • possibility to install a grinder, waste grinder
  • possibility of installing an automatic stopper or dispenser
  • no water streaks like in the case of a steel sink
  • a properly selected color of the sink will perfectly match the kitchen worktop
  • color-matched good quality kitchen faucets

Our granite sinks are the highest quality materials and workmanship, confirmed by hundreds of satisfied customers, therefore we provide 35-year warranty on Primagran sinks producer's. Thanks to this, you can always be sure that the sink will serve you for many years without losing its strength and quality.

Warranty details [Warranty.pdf]

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