Primagran® 9860 Kitchen Faucet with Flexible Spout

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-50,00 €
Primagran® 9860 Kitchen Faucet with Flexible Spout

-50,00 €

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The current price is the lowest in 30 days.

The current price is the lowest in 30 days.

    • Flexible silicone spout
    • Matches any color of Primagran® sink
    • Modern design
    • High-pressure kitchen faucet

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Product description

The Primagran® 9860 kitchen faucet with a flexible spout is an excellent addition to a modern kitchen interior. Stylish embossments give the faucet character, perfectly accentuating the kitchen's style. These details add elegance and uniqueness. Among the numerous advantages of this model, special attention should be paid to:

  • Elegant design that adds style to the interior
  • Black color that matches any color of Primagran® granite sinks
  • Flexible silicone spout with a support

When choosing kitchen fixtures, it's important to ensure they facilitate daily tasks. The Primagran® 9860 kitchen faucet with a flexible spout is a model that guarantees high ergonomic performance, thanks to its flexible spout. It can be rotated 360°, allowing comfortable washing of large pots or rinsing hard-to-reach areas of the sink. The faucet is also equipped with a convenient handle that can be set for right- or left-handed individuals, enabling smooth and precise control of water temperature and pressure.

The Primagran® 9860 kitchen faucet can be installed both on the countertop and directly in the sink. Self-installation is straightforward, and the included instructions make it even easier. Our product is covered by a reliability warranty for up to 5 years. Choosing all the kitchen equipment is a time-consuming matter, so we offer you a 30-day return policy.

The incredibly functional Primagran® 9860 kitchen faucet with a flexible spout will fill the kitchen space in a perfect way, giving the arrangement a tasteful and aesthetic appearance.

Technical data
Faucet height:46,5 cm
Range of tap (spout):26,3 cm
Height from countertop to aerator:21 cm
Mounting hole:35 mm
Swivel spout:Yes
Maximum worktop thickness:35 mm
Connection hoses - internal thread:3/8"
Connection hoses - length:400 mm
Acoustic group:II
Flow class:A
Technical drawings
  • 9860tech
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