One-bowl granite kitchen sink without drainer with large bowl XL Riga 40

Model name Riga 40 XL Cabinet width: 40, 45, 50 cm and more
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Granite sink black Riga

The Protect+ coating allows you to enjoy a cleaner dishwasher for longer. It ensures that dirt, stains, spots and limescale settle more slowly and are easier to remove. The Protect+ protective coating is applied during the manufacturing process.
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Product description

Riga 40 XL sink - Practical minimalism for your kitchen

Small sink, big possibilities. We have prepared for you a sink that can really accommodate a lot in just 40 cm width. For 40 cm cabinets - a bowl measuring 340 mm x 390 mm x 200 mm will even accommodate a cake baking tray. Apart from the size, notice that the sink is beautifully designed. The minimalist design means that the sink will blend perfectly into any kitchen, taking up very little countertop workspace.

Basic information about the Riga 40 XL model

  • modern design characterised by practical minimalism
  • large XL bowl for small cabinets - the sink with a bowl measuring as much as 340 mm x 390 mm x 200 mm fits into cabinets as small as 40 cm, ensuring functionality and comfort of use
  • concealed round overflow emphasises the modern design of the sink
  • design flexibility thanks to 2 under-milled holes - you can install the mixer tap and other accessories (dispenser, siphon stopper knob) in the sink shelf in the middle, left or right. The centre hole is drilled for your convenience

The product photos show the proposed installation together with Primagran water-traps. The overflow and strainer shown in the graphics are not part of the sink and are sold separately.

Attention. Due to the dimensions of the sink, we do not recommend the Primagran®9800 and Primagran®8100 kitchen faucet for this sink.

Resistant to adventures in the kitchen

Heat resistanceHeat resistance
Thermal shock resistanceThermal shock resistance
Scratch resistanceScratch resistance
Dirt resistanceDirt resistance
Impact resistanceImpact resistance
Resistance to discolorationResistance to discoloration
Easy to cleanEasy to clean
Does not lose its colourDoes not lose its colour


Primagran sinks have been recognised across Europe for their unconventional design, above-average functionality, and exceptional ergonomics in competitions such as:

  • A' Design Award
  • International Design Awards (IDA)
  • “Diament Meblarstwa”
  • “Dobry wzór”

Easy installation - maximum space

Thanks to careful planning, our sinks fit perfectly into cabinet sizes from 40 cm upwards. With the space-saving trap, you can conveniently place a waste basket under the sink. You will receive a practical template for cutting a hole in the countertop and precise instructions to make installation easier.

Durability that everyday life - resistant to adventures in the kitchen

We made our sinks from a high-quality German blend of granite aggregate and dedicated resin. The best components and high quality production process make our product resistant to discolouration, scratches and temperature changes - simply resistant to kitchen adventures! Our sinks come with a 35-year guarantee - the longest on the market.

Take care of safety and hygiene in the kitchen

To increase the level of safety and hygiene in your kitchen, we recommend an antibacterial formula that is based on active silver ion technology. Silver nanoparticles inhibit the growth of bacteria; these particles have a high biological activity preventing the proliferation of micro-organisms. It can be purchased for any sink.

Our sinks benefits:

  • Hygienic certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene
  • Declaration of conformity with Polish and European norm PN-EN 13310+A1
  • Certificate confirming meeting the requirements of radiation hygiene
Technical data
Dimensions of the bowl:340 x 390 mm
Dimensions of countertop cut-out:360 x 480 mm
Bowl depth:200 mm
Cabinet width:40, 45, 50 cm and more
Type:Built-in (countertop)
Number of bowls:Single bowl
Number of sub-milled holes:2
Number of milled boreholes:1 for tap installation
Overflow protection system:Round classic
Weight:approx. 10 kg
Drain:3 1/2”
Composition:20% dedicated resin 80% granite aggregate
Warranty:35 years
Technical drawings
  • MYA
Over-counter mounting Over-counter mounting
XL chamber XL chamber The largest possible compartment for a small cabinet.
Pre-drilled holes Pre-drilled holes Flexible design of the washing area thanks to milled openings. Possibility of punching the optimal number of holes in a selected place
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