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Under mount single-bowl kitchen granite sink London 40 with large bowl XXL without drainer

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Dimensions: 360 x 450 mm Cabinet size: Base cabinet from 40 cm
The Protect+ coating allows you to enjoy a cleaner dishwasher for longer. It ensures that dirt, stains, spots and limescale settle more slowly and are easier to remove. The Protect+ protective coating is applied during the manufacturing process.
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Product advantages
Heat resistance Heat resistance The sink shows resistance to heat in the so-called dry test that simulates the contact of the sink surface with e.g. a hot pot.
Scratch resistance Scratch resistance The sink is well-cured (resin undergoes spatial crosslinking process), thanks to which the surface of the sink is durable.
Dirt resistance Dirt resistance The well-crosslinked structure of the sink prevents dirt from penetrating deep into the surface.
Impact resistance Impact resistance The material is resistant to dynamic impact cracking.
Resistance to discoloration Resistance to discoloration The surface of the sink is resistant to chemicals and staining agents.
Does not lose its colour Does not lose its colour The sink surface is resistant to discolouration.
Thermal shock resistance Thermal shock resistance The sink is resistant to sudden water temperature changes (temperature range 15 - 95°C).
Antibacterial formula*. Antibacterial formula*. Silver nanoparticles inhibit the growth of bacteria; these particles have a high surface-to-volume ratio, which determines their significant biological activity.
Anti-fungal formula Anti-fungal formula It prevents the growth of fungi, including mould on the surface of the kitchen sink.
Easy to clean Easy to clean Dirt and deposits do not permanently adhere to the surface of the sink and can be easily removed.
Colour and style matched with Primagran Taps Colour and style matched with Primagran Taps 5 colour variants and 20 different sink shapes make it possible to successfully combine the manufactured sinks with Primagran mixers.
Under-table mounting Under-table mounting The sink is undermount, which means that its rims do not protrude above the countertop surface, creating a coherent whole with it.
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Product description

London 40 XL granite sink - a modern and stylish solution

Do you have a large kitchen and love to cook? Are you looking for a modern sink for your kitchen that meets your expectations? Then London 40 XL is the perfect solution for you - it is a premium product made of granite that will allow you to wash dishes and prepare meals comfortably. It combines modern elegance, resistance to damage and functionality to meet the expectations of the most demanding users.

Key benefits of the London 40 under-mount sink

  • Under-mounted, available in 6 natural shades to coordinate perfectly with stone, composite, conglomerate or sintered worktops
  • Hygiene and cleanliness - any crumbs or water from the worktop can be "scraped" into the sink in one motion and rinsed away
  • Simplicity, minimalism and above-average aesthetics, ideally suited to modern kitchens and kitchenettes
  • Large chamber volume (depth 19 cm) and comfort of use

Modern and stylish solution designed especially for you.

 London 40 is a minimalist form - its rectangular shape and lack of unnecessary decorations make it suitable even in large kitchens or stylish kitchenettes. It comes in 5 colours - black, graphite, grey, beige and white. It truly is classic elegance resulting from simplicity. What's more, it is an undermount sink that does not protrude beyond the countertop, co-creating a perfectly straight surface with it. The perfectly blending concealed anti-overflow system ensures that all the elements of the sink form a perfect unit. This beautiful and attractively priced sink is the perfect combination of minimalist design and durability.

Durability that stands up to everyday life - tough enough for adventures in the kitchen

We have made the London 40 sink from a high-quality German blend of granite aggregate and dedicated resin. The best components and a high-quality production process make our product non-staining, scratch-resistant and well able to withstand temperature changes - simply resistant to kitchen adventures! Our sinks come with a 35-year guarantee - the longest guarantee on the market.

Take care of safety and hygiene in the kitchen

To increase the level of safety and hygiene in your kitchen, we recommend an antibacterial formula that is based on active silver ion technology. Silver nanoparticles inhibit the growth of bacteria; these particles have a high biological activity preventing the proliferation of micro-organisms. It can be purchased for any sink

Our sinks benefits:

  • Hygienic certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene
  • Declaration of conformity with Polish and European norm PN-EN 13310+A1
  • Certificate confirming meeting the requirements of radiation hygiene

Choose the style of your sink

We are the only manufacturer on the market to offer a wide range of water traps. Choose the style of your sink by selecting the right water trap. Thanks to our wide range of water traps, colors of faucets and sinks, you can match the set to your dream kitchen.


Technical data
Dimensions:360 x 450 mm
Dimensions of the bowl:330 x 400 mm
Dimensions of countertop cut-out:320 x 390 mm
Bowl depth:190mm
Weight:approx. 12kg
Drain:3 1/2
Sink width:40-50 cm
Number of bowls:Single bowl
Drain:without drainer
Shape of main chamber:Rectangular
Technical drawings
  • londyn40
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