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Kitchen granite sink Monaco

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The Protect+ coating allows you to enjoy a cleaner dishwasher for longer. It ensures that dirt, stains, spots and limescale settle more slowly and are easier to remove. The Protect+ protective coating is applied during the manufacturing process.
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Product advantages
Antibacterial formula*. Antibacterial formula*. Silver nanoparticles inhibit the growth of bacteria; these particles have a high surface-to-volume ratio, which determines their significant biological activity.
Anti-fungal formula Anti-fungal formula It prevents the growth of fungi, including mould on the surface of the kitchen sink.
Colour and style matched with Primagran Taps Colour and style matched with Primagran Taps 5 colour variants and 20 different sink shapes make it possible to successfully combine the manufactured sinks with Primagran mixers.
Heat resistance Heat resistance The sink shows resistance to heat in the so-called dry test that simulates the contact of the sink surface with e.g. a hot pot.
Thermal shock resistance Thermal shock resistance The sink is resistant to sudden water temperature changes (temperature range 15 - 95°C).
Scratch resistance Scratch resistance The sink is well-cured (resin undergoes spatial crosslinking process), thanks to which the surface of the sink is durable.
Dirt resistance Dirt resistance The well-crosslinked structure of the sink prevents dirt from penetrating deep into the surface.
Impact resistance Impact resistance The material is resistant to dynamic impact cracking.
Resistance to discoloration Resistance to discoloration The surface of the sink is resistant to chemicals and staining agents.
Easy to clean Easy to clean Dirt and deposits do not permanently adhere to the surface of the sink and can be easily removed.
Does not lose its colour Does not lose its colour The sink surface is resistant to discolouration.
Pre-drilled holes Pre-drilled holes Flexible design of the washing area thanks to milled openings. Possibility of punching the optimal number of holes in a selected place
Product description

The Monaco corner sink is a solution for both bigger and less spacious kitchens. Thanks to the possibility of installing it in the corner of the room, it can save valuable countertop space. This one-and-a-half-bowl model is equipped with a practical drainer, thanks to which this sink does everything. The 970x490 mm Monaco countertop model can be installed in cabinets from 80 cm upwards.

The large main bowl of the countertop sink makes it easy to wash larger dishes, plates and pots. A drainer and an auxiliary bowl in the shape of a triangle create additional space around the sink, which is extremely valuable in kitchens where a lot of cooking takes place. The modern and interesting trapezoidal shape of the sink in combination with the rounded edges makes it fit into both traditional and modernist interiors. 6 universal shades of granite - semi-matt black, black, graphite, grey, beige and white - make it possible to match the sink to the colour scheme of the whole arrangement.

When you buy Monaco granite sinks, you get a 35-year guarantee from the producer. The quality of Primagran granite has been confirmed by numerous approvals and certificates thanks to which you can be sure that the corner sink you choose will be extremely resistant and durable. Daily washing and cooking will not cause discolouration on the surface of the sink. There is also an option to enrich the mixture of the sink with special antibacterial silver ions.

Complete this original design with a perfectly matching chrome or granite kitchen mixer tap tap with a pull-out spout, which will make washing up larger dishes and rinsing the drainer much easier. To make washing up as easy as possible, choose practical accessories such as automatic pop-up waste dispensers or liquid dispensers that get rid of ugly plastic bottles and create order around the washing up area. Plus you can match the colour of the dispenser to the colour of your sink.

The holes for installing accessories are under-milled. This solution allows you to adjust the sink to your needs in the best possible way. Follow the instructions and find out how you can easily drill the holes. Read more about the advantages of pre-milled holes.

Attention. Due to the dimensions of the sink, we do not recommend the Primagran® 7500 kitchen mixer tap tap.

Technical data
Dimensions:970 x 490 mm
Cabinet size:Base cabinet from 80 cm
Bowl depth:200 mm
Weight:approx. 17kg
Drain:3 1/2
Sink width:80 cm and over
Number of bowls:One and a half bowl
Drain:with narrow drainer
Shape of main chamber:Rectangular
Type:Built-in (countertop)
Technical drawings
  • monaco_rys_tech
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