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Kitchen granite sink Copenhagen 780 Smart with one large bowl XXL and drainer

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Dimensions: 780 x 500 mm Cabinet size: Base cabinet from 45 cm
The Protect+ coating allows you to enjoy a cleaner dishwasher for longer. It ensures that dirt, stains, spots and limescale settle more slowly and are easier to remove. The Protect+ protective coating is applied during the manufacturing process.
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Product description

Kopenhaga Smart granite sink - functionality and modern design in one

Looking for a sink that works in every kitchen? Or maybe you are wondering what model will best compliment your dishwasher? Opt for a unique combination of minimalist design and functionality. The Kopenhaga Smart granite sink is a solution tailored to your needs. Choose a large draining board and simultaneously maximize the size of the bowl. The countertop model, 780x500 mm, is dedicated to cabinets of size 45 cm and larger.

Why choose the Kopenhaga Smart granite sink?

Do you value usability, but also care about modern design? See for yourself why Copenhagen Smart is the choice for you.

  • modern design that fits perfectly into small and large kitchens
  • thin rims make the Kopenhaga Smart granite sink look very light
  • the tap hole in the drainer level will allow you to keep your kitchen perfectly clean without having to frequently wipe down the area around the sink
  • innovative rectangular overflow will underline the modern character of your kitchen and greatly improve your everyday use of the sink
  • 4 flexible holes, 2 of which are outside the cabinet, allow you to adjust the sink to your needs

Quality that meets the highest expectations

A 35-year guarantee is a very smart solution! We make your Kopenhaga series sink from granite - a high-quality mineral aggregate with a tight molecular structure and a dedicated resin that resists the passage of time. As a result, our product will not discolour, is scratch-resistant, tolerates temperature changes well and will stay with you for a really long time. We give you a 35-year guarantee, which confirms its quality and protects your wallet from any expenses.

Easy installation - maximum space

Thanks to careful planning, our sinks fit perfectly into cabinet sizes from 45 cm upwards. With the space-saving trap, you can conveniently place a waste basket under the sink. You will receive a practical template for cutting a hole in the countertop and precise instructions to make installation easier.

Intelligent design

Milled holes for installing taps and accessories in the Copenhagen sink allow for great design flexibility. This solution will allow you to adjust the sink to your needs in the best possible way. Follow the instructions and find out how you can easily punch holes. Read more about the advantages of pre-punched holes. The Copenhagen Smart is reversible, so you can install it with a drainer on either the right or left side. To make installation easier, you also receive a practical template for cutting a hole in the countertop. A few minutes and you're done!

Durability that stands up to everyday life - tough enough for adventures in the kitchen

We have made the Copenhagen 780 Smart  sink from a high-quality German blend of granite aggregate and dedicated resin. The best components and a high-quality production process make our product non-staining, scratch-resistant and well able to withstand temperature changes - simply resistant to kitchen adventures! Our sinks come with a 35-year guarantee - the longest guarantee on the market.

Take care of safety and hygiene in the kitchen

To increase the level of safety and hygiene in your kitchen, we recommend an antibacterial formula that is based on active silver ion technology. Silver nanoparticles inhibit the growth of bacteria; these particles have a high biological activity preventing the proliferation of micro-organisms. It can be purchased for any sink

Our sinks benefits:

  •         Hygienic certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene
  •         Declaration of conformity with Polish and European norm PN-EN 13310+A1
  •         Certificate confirming meeting the requirements of radiation hygiene


Choose the style of your sink

We are the only manufacturer on the market to offer a wide range of water traps. Choose the style of your sink by selecting the right water trap. Thanks to our wide range of water traps, colors of faucets and sinks, you can match the set to your dream kitchen.

Technical data
Dimensions:780 x 500 mm
Bowl depth:180mm
Weight:approx. 12kg
Drain:3 1/2
Overflow protection system:Rectangular
Sink width:70-80 cm
Number of bowls:Single bowl
Drain:with wide drainer
Shape of main chamber:Rectangular
Type:Built-in (countertop)
Number of sub-milled holes:4 (2 holes outside the cabinet)
Technical drawings
  • Kopenhaga_smart
  • kopenhaga_smart_flip
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